Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Rafa Benitez

Dengar-dengar tentang ketegangan yang berlaku antara Pengurus Liverpool, Rafa Benitez dan pemilik Tom Hicks dan George Gillet berkenaan dengan urusan pembelian pemain. Saja aku nak kongsi bersama buah fikiran aku yang telah aku lontarkan dalam satu forum internet di LFCfanatics.com, forum untuk penyokong-penyokong tegar Liverpool seluruh dunia.


just want to know what did u mean by this?

He is a Manager. He is paid to be a manager. Not Coach. Did u even remember why did he leave Valencia for us?

He left them because he couldn't control the transfer deal. What he did there is only coaching.

He doesn't want to be a coach. He want a complete control about his team. That's why he accepted the offer from us, LFC. He knows he is about to gain a full backing from the board and all the details about the team is in his hands.

Little did he knows, when Americans bought the LFC, that their have a big egos as a wealthy Businessmen from US but knows a little about the football culture in Europe. They think that a Manager in English Football just involving in coaching and tactical board only like their NHL and NFL. But thanks to them, because without them we wouldn't see Torres wearing our Red.

He wants a complete control on his team, including the transfer deal. Why don't the board just give what the manager wants and all he need is a cover for centrebacks and it is for free and to tied up Mascherano.

Rafa is a man that have long term plans, vision and knows what he is doing. Look at these crises, he want to tied up a player in January but the works i.e scouting, gaining info about the players has been done and only the money isn't there to make the deal goes through.

He won Champions League, FA, and this season, we start so well with 13 matches unbeaten, we still, despite a little hiccups, have the chance to progress in European Champions League and i want to ask how many of us dares to say Rafa is not the best Manager we had?

How many of us dares to say he is not the most passionate person about the LFC? About winning? About glory? He worked himself out around the clock and making so much decision even that is often make a big question mark above our head, because he is not a fan of popular thoughts. He is dare and bold enough to make unpopular decision and what he thinks will benefit the team such as in the sacking of Pako, his long time pal and a loyal assistant. Now Rafa walking on a thin ice because of his boldness and reaction to his superior.

Look at the line-up of our team now, we have a numbers of world class internationals that we could never imagine especially for the fans that start supporting after the golden era, i.e from 1990 ~ Gerrard, Alonso, Mascherano, Torres, Babel, etc and all of them now is definitely Rafa's recruit (consider Gerrard because he signed a new deal) and his scouting team must get credit from that. All this is because of the fact that Rafa himself carefully choose the players he want and he knows they can adapt and fit into his system.

And I don't want he to leave. For the fan that fortunate to have the privilege and chance to go to Anfield and watch the game, please support any movement that damning the sacking of Mr Rafa Benitez that would take place during Porto game this Wednesday.

I don't want the words "when i asked for sofa they bought me a table lamp" comes out once again from his mouth.

Long may he serve us.


borakbola said...

nice kajian tentang rafa.hehe.tapi susah gak sebab tuan kuar duitnya mesti nak berkira gak bab2 duit nie

aranhellstorm said...

hahaha...tp tu la, sekarang EPL dah kena invades dgn capitalist... terpaksalah terima... tapi owner kena fhm corak dan budaya kerja manager dia... nasib baik dah reda sket..